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ADA is an expert in the field of inclusive finance

Since 1994, ADA has been working to develop the provision of microfinance to populations excluded from the conventional banking circuits. Our action is designed to reinforce both the autonomy and capacities of microfinance institutions (MFIs), professional associations and networks. ADA also assists governments in their efforts to support and structure the microfinance sector at the regional and national level.

With this aim in mind, we can propose and develop specific and innovative microfinance products which have a positive impact on the life of thousands of people, organise trainings for microfinance professionals working in, and on behalf of, the South, as well as provide advice and support to MFIs in their search for funding. Furthermore, we have taken the decision to be involved in research with a view to anticipating the future needs of the world of microfinance and to gauge the social impact of our actions. Our flexible approach enables us to adapt each project according to the needs of our partners and the realities in the field.

ADA’s head office is in Luxembourg. It manages an annual budget of 10 million EUR and has 43 employees.

ADA enjoys the High Patronage of HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Mia Adams 20 ans

Mia Adams

Mia Adams - Founder and Honorary President of ADA

"ADA – Appui au Développement Autonome – was created in May 1994. It was an organization meant to be, as its name aptly puts it, a support, i.e. a backing over time of the projects needed by people willing to make them happen. It was a way of making people accountable."

ADA is busy working in relevant and important areas

Mission, vision, values

Mission, vision, values

ADA's mission statement

Poverty reduction by providing the populations concerned, mainly micro and small entrepreneurs, with responsible financial and technical solutions adapted to their needs.


ADA's vision

ADA acts as a catalyst to generate, identify, develop and implement solutions that facilitate inclusive development.

ADA’s approach is innovative. For ADA, innovation does not necessarily mean creating, but rather adapting existing solutions to specific contexts. The results of the projects developed by ADA are intended to be sustainable. Its actions consider all stakeholders in the same sector, the same value chain, in a holistic development approach.
Activities are always defined in a way that best serves the final beneficiaries, working closely hand-in-hand with partners in the field.


ADA's values


Listening is about respect. Individual and collective aspirations are understood and taken into account as far as possible. As we listen, we develop an approach based on non-interference, understanding and respect for our partners and final beneficiaries.


Respect for oneself and others is the ground rule for all relationships initiated and maintained by ADA. Respect breeds trust, a prerequisite for working efficiently and serenely.


Integrity is based on high ethical standards that guarantee the absence of malicious intent and honesty.


ADA strives for excellence in its services and expected results. Excellence can be achieved thanks to the multiple talents of the people involved in ADA’s projects and through the respect and trust the association bestows.


A pursuit for efficiency is central to ADA’s activities, which are always organised to maximise leverage effects, with a view to increasing the scope of the expected development results.

Discover a summary of our strategy by downloading the document below:

26, February, 2019

Ministerial visit to the Maison de la microfinance

On Tuesday, February 26, the Maison de la microfinance had the honour to welcome Paulette Lenert, Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, and Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance.

The opportunity for the partners of the Maison de la microfinance – ADA, InFine, e-MFP, Microinsurance Newtwork, Microlux et LMDF – to present their activities. 

ADA was presented by Corinne Molitor, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Laura Foschi, Executive Director.

This visit confirmed Luxembourg's commitment to the development of inclusive finance, with the inauguration of the offices of the SPTF Europe (Social Performance Task Force), housed in the offices of the Maison de la microfinance since the beginning of the year in the person of Jürgen Hammer for Europe. This proximity strengthens the synergies between ADA and the SPTF, with many joint activities, including the SAM 2019 (African Microfinance Week), where the SPTF plays a key role.

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