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Driving partnerships 

In 2022, ADA strengthened the capacities of 210 partner organisations through technical and financial support. ADA’s shift in focus has resulted in collaborations with a wider range of stakeholders, in addition to microfinance institutions, which now represent just over half of the organisations supported. For example, ADA is increasingly collaborating with SMEs, incubators and other business development centres.

Capacity building

The internal capacity of 128 partner organisations were improved in 2022. While financial institutions were often supported with digitalisation, strategic planning and financial management, SMEs were mainly supported regarding social and environmental performance management, business management as well as digitalisation. Public bodies are helped with refinancing mechanisms, supervision and social performance management.

Developing tailored solutions

The development of inclusive financial services mainly focused on tailored loans, for example for agricultural and forestry activities and for environmentally friendly practices such as clean energy and sanitation. In addition, ADA  helped various partners to develop inclusive insurance products.

ADA’s non-financial support mainly consisted of technical assistance for smallholder farmers (some of which was provided for fair trade, organic or other certifications under the SSNUP programme), entrepreneurial support, financial education and raising awareness of the importance of clean water and sanitation.

Strengthening the sector in collaboration with national institutions

ADA contributes to the implementation of national development programmes in several priority countries of the Luxembourg Cooperation, notably with regard to inclusive finance. 

Facilitating links with international investors

As an impact investment adviser to the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund (LMDF), Investing for Development (IforD) and the Financing Innovation Tool (FIT), ADA prospects, selects and performs a social and financial analysis of innovative, financially inclusive institutions with a significant social impact.

Integration of transversal themes into the implemented programmes

Aspects related to climate change, gender issues and the use of digital technologies are three transversal themes which will be considered in all of ADA’s programmes to various degrees and in accordance with the specific situation.