2018-2021 in review

The previous mandate by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs enabled ADA to implement numerous projects which helped to strengthen the inclusive finance sector.

2021 marked the fourth and final year of ADA’s strategic plan which had been initiated in 2018. Throughout this period, ADA supported microfinance institutions (MFIs) in providing financial services (mainly agricultural loans and insurance products) to their target populations. Many of them also received support for their digital transformation, with a view to providing digital solutions to their clients. ADA also worked with new types of stakeholders to address people’s needs in a more targeted and impactful manner. In this respect, it provided these stakeholders with more in-depth and individualised support than before. Finally, ADA made the inclusive finance sector more accountable to its clients through client protection initiatives.

A strategic plan with seven targets

The objective of ADA’s strategic plan was to develop, implement and disseminate solutions for vulnerable populations in the least developed countries, with the aim of promoting their financial inclusion and improving their living conditions. The plan achieved seven key targets under the plan.

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