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05 February 2020 News
IMS Luxembourg ADA

ADA has become a new member of IMS Luxembourg (Inspiring More Sustainability), the leading network of Luxembourg companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Does an NGO need a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy? One might think that it is not necessary since, first of all, an NGO is not an enterprise and secondly, social well-being is part of an NGO’s DNA. Indeed, in ADA’s case, its mission is very clear: “poverty reduction”. S, does it need to do more?

To think that it does not need to do anymore would be to have a reductionist vision of ADA, since its impact on society is not solely defined by its actions in the field (in more than 40 countries around the world). As a structure established in Luxembourg, with more than 40 members of staff, ADA also has a role to play in the local development of the Grand Duchy, through the deployment of responsible practices regarding the environment in its offices, value creation with the other Luxembourg actors, as well as the  preservation and sharing of the cultural diversity of its staff, amongst other things. Since we ask our partners to consider the impact of their activities on society and the environment, it is normal for us to do the same thing.

In 2019, this led ADA to structure its CSR activities more clearly and to become a member of the IMS network in order to draw inspiration from the actions  undertaken by the other Luxembourg institutions. It has also implemented a series of activities to improve its environmental and social impact at its head office in Luxembourg:

  • Signature of the IMS “Zero Single Use Plastic” Manifesto
  • Donation of its old computers from its IT stock to the Luxembourg “Digital Inclusion” Association
  • First edition of “DiversiTaste”, an event designed to encourage all staff members to bring a traditional type of food from their country of origin to work to share with their fellow members of staff, in the framework of the Diversity Charter, which ADA has signed
  • Awareness-raising workshop for all staff members on the impact of human activity on the environment.
  • Awareness-raising workshop for all staff members on the best waste reduction practices.
  • Workshop for all staff members to explore avenues to reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2020, ADA will continue to work with all of the institutions at the Maison de la Microfinance to reduce its environmental impact and, in this way,  to combat climate change.

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