The FAR training as a platform for addressing agroforestry challenges

13 May 2022
Jean-Paul AKA

Jean-Paul Aka hosted a webinar to raise awareness of agroforestry issues in the agricultural sector as part of the training in agricultural and rural finance (FAR).

Mr Aka is the CEO of LOCAGRI, a small agri-business that specialises in sustainable agricultural production, fights climate change and develops agroforestry. Mr Aka also serves as a consultant for the Green Commodities Programme of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), which provides countries and the private sector with policy advice to prevent deforestation.

In a video for ADA, he explains the environmental, social and economic challenges of agroforestry and how FAR participants can take on these challenges.

“Agroforestry is the ultimate opportunity to combine environmental, social and economic challenges and to tackle the sustainability constraints that we face. I call upon financial stakeholders to unlock more financing for agroforestry which can create many jobs and present a substantial source of revenue for the small producers in whose corner we fight every day.”