Meet ADA at the European Research Conference on Microfinance in Glasgow

15 June 2022
European Research Conference on Microfinance

The 7th European Research Conference on Microfinance will be held from 20 to 22 June 2022 at the Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health, Glasgow. The event has been organised every two years since 2009 by European universities, in collaboration with CERMi and with the support of the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP). It is a unique venue that brings together top researchers, academics, professionals and students with the aim of disseminating the latest research to the wider inclusive finance community.  

This edition will focus on microfinance research priorities that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to define the role microfinance can play in contributing to economic recovery from the COVID-19 health crisis.   

The conference will be opened by the exceptional presence of Professor Yunus.   

Mathilde Bauwin, head of the Knowledge Management team at ADA, will speak on the panel on "Research methods for complex problems". Mathilde will present, among other, the research data collection method used by ADA, halfway between research and fieldwork, to quantify the impact on microfinance beneficiaries. This research method is then adapted for field practitioners. In the session related to green finance, Thu Hien Dao, Project Officer in Knowledge Management at ADA, will present the results and lessons learned from the survey of clients of digital microinsurance services in Mali.   

ADA's interest in research supports this conference with the objectives of enhancing the production and sharing of new knowledge useful to the inclusive finance sector, learning from research results to feed its current and future projects and identifying opportunities to collaborate with researchers to analyze data from its projects or to produce specific studies.  

Find the programme on the event website: