Meet ADA at REDCAMIF’s conference in Guatemala from 20-22 March

16 March 2023
Recamif event

ADA will be represented at the upcoming REDCAMIF conference in Antigua, Guatemala, from 20 to 22 March. ADA has a longstanding partnership with REDCAMIF and the event will be an opportunity to reconnect with Central American partners after the COVID pandemic. 

Central America is a key region for ADA and the multitude of projects implemented there together with our partners cover all strategic areas of focus: supporting young entrepreneurs, strengthening agricultural and forestry value chains and facilitating access to basic services such as water and sanitation for vulnerable households. Many of these projects also address ADA’s overarching goals of encouraging digitalisation and of mitigating the effects of climate change.

At the conference, ADA will showcase key projects in the region and share lessons learnt at a dedicated stand (number 5) and on two panels which will both be moderated by Paula Cortes, ADA Regional Representative - Central America:

  • Tuesday, 21 March - Betting on a game changer: digital transformation in inclusive finance 
    The panel will discuss success stories and challenges in developing customer-centric digital business models and strategies for microfinance institutions from ADA’s projects in collaboration with REDCAMIF since 2019. The panelists from Hermandad de Honduras and INTEGRAL, two microfinance institutions, and Amarante Consulting will discuss how to improve the customer experience by transforming institutional strategies and operations to maximise efficiency and productivity while keeping a human touch.

    Further information on ADA’s digitalisation projects for microfinance institutions

  • Wednesday, 22 March - Inclusive financing to improve resilience through access to basic services for vulnerable populations
    Innovative solutions, awareness-raising and access to finance can meet the basic needs and improve the quality of life of vulnerable families and communities. The panel, consisting of representatives of two microfinance institutions (Banco Popular Honduras and FUSAI), an impact investor (Oikocredit) and an NGO ( which provides basic services, will discuss how to strengthen the water and sanitation value chain in Central America.

    Further information on ADA’s water and sanitation projects in Central America and the Caribbean

There will also be a panel on green finance products which will discuss some of ADA’s projects on developing inclusive financial and non-financial products and services that increase climate resilience. While climate change deepens poverty, there is a wealth of research showing that financial inclusion can increase people's resilience - savings, credit, insurance, training and technical assistance can be vital for managing these new environmental realities. This panel will be moderated by Denisse Quant, REDCAMIF Added Value Services Manager. 

Further information on ADA’s green finance projects

ADA’s investment advisory team will also be present to discuss sustainable funding solutions for microfinance institutions by the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund (LMDF) which is complemented by ADA’s tailored technical assistance and training. Interested microfinance institutions are welcome to come to ADA’ stand (number 5) to discuss financing options. It is also possible to book a meeting by contacting the team via the conference app.

Further information on funding solutions for microfinance institutions