The signatories agree to coordinate policies, technical assistance and resources to help microfinance institutions face the crisis.

On the initiative of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, a group of lenders and key players of the inclusive financial sector committed to a common pledge: “Key principles to protect microfinance institutions and their clients in the Covid-19 crisis”. Since its publication, 26 organizations have signed the common Pledge that aims to guide stakeholders to better support microfinance institutions and vulnerable clients during this crisis.

If you wish to sign this common Pledge, please visit the dedicated page on the Covid-Finclusion website.

To answer one of the key principles of the Pledge, ADA is leading a Coordination group dedicated to social investors and NGOs active in microfinance.

COVID-19 crisis

Guidance note on the extension of deadlines for banks and MFIs in the WAMU region

In order to ensure the continuity of the activities of financial institutions in facing Covid-19, BCEAO and ADA are publishing a guidance note on the extension of deadlines for banks and MFIs in the WAMU region.

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The key role of business incubators and accelerators in Latin America

How do the region's incubators and accelerators do to remotely support enterprises facing the Covid-19?


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Measures to facilitate work in MFIs

In daily contact with MFIs, ADA has identified some measures to facilitate the work for the employees and clients of the MFIs.

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REDCAMIF: "Supporting networks and institutions"

Iván Gutiérrez, Executive Director of REDCAMIF, and Andrea Rosales, Head of Communication and Training, talk about their crisis management.

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Voices from the ground: Central Asia

New interview on the situation in the world by the LMDF fund

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Download the toolkit to implement the Guidance Note on Business Continuity for MFIs

A series of tools has been developed by ADA and Oikocredit especially to help you!

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ADA Chair in financial law works with research partners on papers

In order to support regulators around the world the ADA Chair in financial law (inclusive finance) works with its research partners on a number of papers that analyze regulatory challenges in relation to the crisis.

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