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Microfinance sector study of Central America and the Caribbean

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Author : Redcamif

Publication date : 12-03-2019

Language : ESP

Number of pages : 93

Format : PDF

Microfinance sector study of Central America and the Caribbean

This microfinance sector study of Central America and the Caribbean entitled "General Assessment of the Microfinance Sector in Central America and the Caribbean: Strategic Challenges for the Future" was carried out at the end of 2018 as part of a new series of analyses that REDCAMIF will be conducting in the area of information and analysis.

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The microfinance sector in the region has been developing in a context full of economic, political and social uncertainties. The evolution of the sector in the midst of a complex context and increased competition for microfinance institutions, has highlighted the need to increase information, innovation and competitiveness in the sector. Although this has been discussed in several international forums, this study allows us to identify in a synthesized and schematic way the strategic challenges that will influence the development and strengthening of the Microfinance sector in Central America and the Caribbean in the medium term.

The study has been divided into 2 main sections, the essential content of these sections tries to analyze and describe two levels: (i) the general environment or context of each of the 7 countries, which summarizes socio-political, macroeconomic and public policy issues, sector trends and challenges by country; (ii) the aggregate analysis at the regional level of trends and challenges in the microfinance sector divided into the main problems existing in the industry in the medium term.



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