SAM at Financial Inclusion Week 2022 - Watch our session on the role of inclusive finance in Africa in the context of the food and climate crisis

29 September 2022
SAM @ Financial Inclusion Week 2022

In preparation for the next edition of the African Microfinance Week (SAM, from the French acronym) in 2023, the organisers of SAM hosted a panel on the role of inclusive finance in Africa at the Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) 2022. The FIW offers a wealth of content on the most pressing topics in inclusive finance, and this year's central theme was "Inclusive Growth in the Digital Age". This event is organised by the Centre for Financial Inclusion of Accion.

Watch the video of the online session in preparation of SAM 2023


The Togolese MFI Assilassimé, which strives to support local smallholder farmers, will share the views of those who operate on the ground and manage the risks associated with financing agricultural activities on the front line. SIDI represents the voice of investors who play a key role in lending capital to MFIs for positive social and environmental impact. ADA will share its longstanding experience in creating tailor-made financial and non-financial solutions for smallholder farmers. 

Finally, the CEO of PAMIGA, a pan-African rural microfinance network, will moderate the panel and present the current macro trends in agricultural finance on the African continent. This panel discussion lays the groundwork for the next SAM 2023 (African Microfinance Week) and will discuss short-term, medium-term and long-term solutions to support the development of more resilient food systems in Africa, which remains one of the least financed regions due to the high risks involved. 


  • Renée Chao-Béroff - General Manager of PAMIGA, a pan African rural microfinance network - France (moderator) 
  • Nadia Ouriemchi - Programme Officer - ADA - Luxembourg 
  • Emmanuel Vuillod - Investment Officer - SIDI - France
  • Jacques Afetor - CEO - Assilassimé - Togo