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To develop managerial skills of microfinance institutions and professional associations

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Africa, Central America, South-East Asia

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Strengthening microfinance networks and professional associations

Networks of MFIs and professional associations play a key role in the development and professionalization of the microfinance sector. As a result of their capacity to mobilise a large number of microfinance institutions and to engage in dialogue with the authorities, they represent a powerful instrument which may be used to develop inclusive finance services.

By working with networks of MFIs and professional associations, we are able to multiply the impact of our actions. The networks act as intermediaries and are the contact points for the MFIs, as well as the authorities and the regulatory bodies.   

The networks generate an invaluable leverage effect: the training and expertise provided to a network are then passed on to all of the member MFIs. The networks are also able to centralise the difficulties encountered by their MFIs in order to bring them to the attention of the regulatory authorities in their country,

The professional associations and the networks are capable of covering a broad field of action, which is essential for the good development of the sector:

  • Information: centralise and disseminate information and good practices to MFIs and the regulatory authorities.
  • Representation: undertake advocacy activities in order to influence legislation. Encourage the MFIs to become members of a professional association.  
  • Services: provide specific training for MFIs, encourage transparency and facilitate reporting to the authorities.
  • Financing: seek out donors and coordinate the interventions of the various development cooperation actors.

The final idea behind our support to networks is the transfer of skills to a local actor which is then capable of passing on the knowledge to all of the stakeholders concerned.


We work with several networks throughout the world

in Central America and the Dominican Republic

  • with REDCAMIF, a regional network which brings together the national networks of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.


in South-East Asia  


in Africa 


with the MAIN (Microfinance African Institutions Network) network, which was created at the initiative of several institutions which have lengthy experience in microfinance and the promotion of micro-enterprises in Africa.  

As part of our collaboration with the MAIN network, we support the universities which have been supported by MAIN since 2001. Indeed, MAIN has helped to create three Master’s courses in three African universities:  

  • the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC) in Yaoundé, Cameroon,
  • the Catholic University of West Africa (UCAO) in Lomé, Togo and  
  • the Uganda Martyr’s University (UMU) in Nkozi, Uganda.

ADA has been supporting UCAC and UCAO, the two French-speaking universities, since 2014 and in 2016 it decided to extend its support to English training at the UMU. We work in partnership with many universities around the world.

Furthermore, together with ADA, the MAIN network is also one of the joint organisers of the African Microfinance Week.  



with the CIF (Confédération des Institutions Financières), which is a network of West African cooperatives. We support CIF in its efforts to develop the micro-insurance sector in West Africa. The first micro-insurance company was created in 2007 in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

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